privacy policy

Norbus' policy will not collect your personal information. In fact, Norbus’ handlers are very private as well. They obscure their faces with doilies to protect that precious privacy. Some people like to go stalking internet cats and people associated with those internet cats. While most of these people are curious and harmless fans, Norbus and friends would prefer to limit interaction to online only. That said, if you happen to see Norbus on the street someday, by all means come over and say hi!

When submitting any media of yourself or Norbus to or via @norbuscat on social media, you are agreeing that you consent for and any Norbus-related social media (including but not limited to Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest) to use your content. Norbus and her handlers might edit your content a little if necessary, but likely not. We’re not professional photo manipulators, we're certainly not professional photographers, and we'd bet your content will be even more professional than anything we could make.

If you ask, we will blur or obscure any faces with doilies, but we will assume by default that all parties in any photos submitted to or Norbus-related social media have consented in advance to be featured on or on Norbus-related social media.

Norbus fan art

Please send Norbus your fan art! Be sure to include your name and where you’re from and we will do our best to post it to the site and Norbus-related social media. We cannot guarantee all Norbus fan art submitted will be posted, but we will do our best.

Reposting Norbus content

Norbus the cat and all Norbus-related content is protected by cat-pyright, but we're happy if you redistribute Norbus’ image or content online for non-profit use. Just tag #Norbus or otherwise give @Norbuscat or a shout-out!

Much love,

–Norbus and her humans.