Close-up of Norbus the cat, a rust-coloured lumpy smiling thing with floppy ears and a doily on her back.
'Norbus' title with ginger fur effect and 'O' is the shape of Norbus the cat.

Norbus: A perfect kitty

We think Norbus is a pretty perfect cat. Here are some of the ways we think she beats the internet cat competition:

  • She isn't a picky eater
  • One bag of cat food goes a long way
  • She gets along with everyone
  • She's potty-trained (no cleaning litter boxes necessary)
  • She's easy to photograph
  • She has a pleasant demeanor
  • Norbus is hypoallergenic
  • She won't scratch
  • She's not grumpy
  • She's wears her significant age very well
  • Her congenital differences do not prevent her from a full range of activities
  • She likes baths, and in fact, she will be happy to go through the washing machine and dryer
  • She loves outdoor adventures and will not wander off
  • She enjoys a beer at the pub with no ill effects on her kitty GI tract
  • She communicates via a very subtle but clear series of non-verbal cues that her human handlers have learned to read as a second language (very few humans get the privilege of interacting with such an intelligent animal)

What do you think? Got a more purrfect kitty? Let us know!