Close-up of Norbus the cat, a rust-coloured lumpy smiling thing with floppy ears and a doily on her back.
'Norbus' title with ginger fur effect and 'O' is the shape of Norbus the cat.

Frequently asked questions about Norbus:

What is that?

Norbus, is a cat, obviously. She’s the perfect cat, in fact. We dare you to find a more perfect cat.

What type of cat is Norbus?

She’s a loveable cross between several breeds. We think she's part Irish Fold and ginger tabby. But nobody really knows! Possibly some congenital differences make Norbus the unique kitty she is, but we have never gotten a definitive diagnosis. Norbus is amazingly healthy and happy.

What’s with the doily?

Norbus loves doilies. She never wants to go anywhere without one. We think Norbus likes doilies so much because her first home had many. Norbus finds new and exciting doilies all the time on Pinterest, so check out her latest pins there! You can even buy Norbus a doily on Etsy!

Where/when was Norbus born?

We don’t know for sure, but we first met her at the SOS shelter in Parksville, British Columbia, Canada on . She was outgoing from the beginning and we were amazed nobody had taken this lovable cat home. Norbus is not sure of her age, but thinks she was born in in the springtime.

What date is Norbus’ birthday?

We have selected the date of as Norbus’ official birthday.

What’s Norbus’ favourite type of beer?

Norbus tries a lot of different beers and her favourite changes from week to week. She lives in a location blessed with plenty of microbreweries (the Pacific Norbwest). Norbus has been partial to IPAs with tropical fruit-flavoured hops recently.

What’s Norbus’ favourite food?

Norbus likes Frisky Bits and the occasional treat of Ritzy Bits. But she doesn’t eat much. We’re not sure if she’s just eating what we provide to be polite.

What is Norbus’ favourite adventure?

Norbus will join her humans for long road trips in the car. Cultus Lake was a recent favourite destination. She was the life of the party at the Cultus Lake Pub. Unlike many cats, Norbus is also fond of watersports. She will be looking forward to plenty of adventures this summer on the water in an inflatable kayak or river rafting.

Where does Norbus live now?

Norbus has always lived in the Pacific Norbwest, and grew up on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada. She still lives in the province of British Columbia, but now lives on the mainland. (Note: Norbus does not arrange personal meetings. But if you see Norbus on the street, feel free to say hello!)

Who are Norbus’ friends?

Norbus lives with three best friends: Kevin Bacon, Peen, and Phil. Norbus has other friends, like the neighbourhood crows and other pets in the neighbourhood. Norbus also follows many of the most popular internet cats.

Norbus likes her humans. If you want to be a friend of Norbus, send her a message on Twitter or Instagram.

Is Norbus stuffed?

She never seems to eat much, but she always says she’s full. What great cat!

No, like is Norbus a fake cat?

We don’t understand. Just because she’s on the internet, doesn’t mean she’s not real.

You’re not just trying to get us attached to Norbus only to try to milk her followers for expensive vet bills on Kickstarter, are you?

Norbus is a very robust cat. She has required zero vet bills since coming to our home. We expect her health to remain stable and we are not asking anyone for money.

Where can I buy Norbus a doily?

Norbus has several favourite Etsy shop owners who create amazing doilies. Here is Norbus’ Etsy gift registry where you can buy and send Norbus her favourite doilies. Norbus thanks you for the kind gift!

Are you doing anything to help cats?

Norbus loves Catfe Vancouver, which has helped adopt out hundreds of cats in a short time. We hope everyone who wants a pet will adopt and also get their pets spayed or neutered.

We like helping humans too. We donate to various charities. Norbus recently joined her human on a 60 km charity walk to raise over $2000 for Crohn’s research.

If Norbus’ fans want to help her donate to charity for cats or humans, then let’s do it! Send Norbus a message with your ideas.

Norbus also likes supporting the wonderful craftspeople making handmade doilies around the world. Buy yourself a doily today at!

Why is Norbus so happy all the time?

She just has a sunny disposition. It’s yet another thing that makes her the perfect kitty.

Who's the hack that coded your terrible website?

Norbus has been creating much of the content and markup for the website herself. Her handlers help peck out the code, but Norbus is the creative mind behind it all. We think she's pretty fantastic for a cat. Still, if there are obvious flaws in the web design, or if it's not responding well on your device, please send Norbus a detailed message about the issue and we will do our best to look into it. Norbus and her humans are still learning the basics of web design, so thanks for your help!